1+ city blocks holds so many stories

After a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond at the Queensboro Bridge base to pick up some necessities (i.e. new Vornado fan following last week’s heat wave!), followed by a quick dinner at the old-fashioned Greek diner, Sutton Cafe, wandering back over to the subways on Lexington Ave., I, of course, became enthralled with my surroundings & the fascinating nooks & crannies of the E. 50s…

Passed, & wondered about, this empty lot.

Across the street from it, this majestic building took my breath away:
(note the politically correct line of the times: “meeting the needs of the great unwashed”)

Noticed this gem from the back, so rounded the block to find it,  & across the street from it:

I had to almost close my eyes to finally make it to the subway, otherwise, this impromptu Date With My City would never have ended.

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