poetry, burlesque & cocktails

Date With My City’s 1st weekend of the New Year was chock-full o’ NYC culture on Saturday, January 5th…

3-5pm: the Riverside Poetry Reading’s 1st-Saturday-of-every-month at New York Public Library’s Riverside Branch, in which DWMC’s founder DeeAnne Gorman read 2 of her original poems in the open mic portion. (We’ll be back on Sat. Feb. 2nd!)

8pm: a birthday gathering at Epic Win Burlesque‘s “New Nerd Review” in R Bar‘s back room, emceed by magician & DWMC pal & fellow Astorian Nelson Lugo.

After getting our fill of racy, nerdy antics onstage & drink specials for show-goers, we nightcapped the eve at Vig Bar around the corner & between specialty cocktails, slipped out for quick, delicious bite sitting in front of the brick oven at L’asso, before rejoining the party back at Vig…

Now THAT’S a Saturday (afternoon &) night!

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