Happy New Year, N.Y.C.!

Empire State Bldg NYE lightshow“Date With My City” spent New Year’s Eve day, eve & night in a 24 hours that could only happen in New York City:

– New Year’s Eve day @ around noon, 2 dear friends (a poet & her German-transplant-to-NYC beau) married at the Office of the City Clerk: Marriage Bureau. Surrounded by a still Christmas-decorated hall full of other couples – in everything from jeans to gowns to costumes, their families & friends, our happy took #s, waited in several lines to sign appropriate papers & pay fees, & then finally were escorted, with their entourage, into one of 2 chapels, where a lovely little ceremony with an animated officiant took place. Afterwards, newlyweds all congratulated each other throughout the hall, & there’s a large photo mural of the actual City Hall on a wall in front of which most everyone poses for Kodak moments. What a festive experience it was, & we’ll never forget our friends’ anniversary date of 12/31/12!

– Afterwards, the wedding party walked south to the Seaport area for the reception lunch at ACQUA RESTAURANT & WINE BAR, located in a historic brick building in one of N.Y.C.’s oldest spots. More friends & family joined, & the afternoon was spent eating, drinking, making merry & being very well taken care of by the friendly staff of this delicious Italian venue.

– Later, “DWMC” headed north to the Garment District/Penn Station area to celebrate New Year’s Eve at STAGE LEFT STUDIO‘s “Forbidden Kiss LIVE! New Year’s Eve Love-In” showcase, in which regular company members & guest artists presented bawdy music & dance numbers & blue Vaudeville-esque skits. The show was followed by a reception with the cast & crew, a 1960s-themed costume contest, dancing under a disco ball, laser-light show & countdown into 2013!

– Many laughs & toasts later, a few hours into New Year’s Day, we walked to the Herald Square subway, catching the still-in-process Empire State Building‘s light show above us. And, as if we needed reminding, soaked in how good it was to start the new year in what we consider the best city on earth!

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